Our journey at Mile

Ad network providing in-image ad formats and utilizing computer vision to identify brand safe images on the publisher sites and converting them into valuable ad placements for advertisers.
Google Network Partner, expand into a full suite of custom ad formats personalized for each site.
Launched in-view and activity based Ad refresh. Forayed into Header bidding.
Full stack ad management for publishers as Managed services. Exclusive monetization and launch with full transparency - Set up lives inside Publisher's GAM.
RTC Vendor, One of the 5 ad-tech companies to offer Server side Bidding technology to monetize AMP pages.
Launched Full Screen Vertical Video ad formats for Publishers & Advertisers.
Contextual Ads for Publishers tapping into Search demand from Google, Microsoft Bing & Yahoo.
GCPP - Became a Google Certified Publishing Partner & Launched Dynamic Flooring for Prebid.

Why we exist?

Vijay Kumar

CEO, Mile

“We exist because digital media publishers in the open web face a daunting array of challenges: AI content, dwindling traffic, Loss of third party cookies, rising ad-block usage, brand safety exclusion, MFA, falling CPMs etc etc.

Our mission is simple—to remove one of their critical worries by providing them with cutting-edge monetization technology solutions, enabling them to navigate the programmatic advertising ecosystem with confidence and ease.”

From the CEO’s desk

We value our values

Customer obsession

Start with what is better for the customer. End with what’s best for the customer. 

Make magic

Seek breakthroughs that will stand the test of time. Proving you’re in the right place.

Inside out

Bridge the gap between popular perception and reality. Transparency in a frosty ecosystem.

Constantly building

Empower builders to build. The first step of achieving big is in starting to build big.

Principled confrontation

Sometimes the world and institutions need to change in order for the future to be ushered in.

Responsible behind all the magic

Just a bunch of folks who love what they do, pouring our hearts, and hard work (and caffeine) into creating solutions, that helps you earn the most from your ads.

Founder & CEO
SVP, Revenue & Operation
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VP,  Advertising
Operations & CS
Director - Engineering
General Manager
Associate Director, Marketing