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AI Dynamic Flooring Module for 20% revenue uplift. At least 20%.

Automated floor pricing
for your Prebid stack

Leverage Prebid’s open source tech to run auctions without the struggle of setting floor pricing manually

Accurate predictions
with AI-powered module

Turn site-specific data into accurate predictions to set floor prices for every auction with machine learning

Higher revenue while saving time and resources

Enjoy at least 4X return on investment with real-time A/B testing without spending time and resources on it.

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Real-Time Revenue Intelligence Dashboard for effortless optimizations

Measure all possible performance insights

Assess auction insights, inventory performance, page-level performance, and ID vendor performance effortlessly.

Enjoy unlimited cross dimensional analysis

Know the performance data of a specific
bidder on a specific page for a specific ad unit based on device, browser, and geo.

Set real-time alerts for optimizations

Track real-time performance shifts to proactively troubleshoot and seize opportunities to skyrocket your revenue.

For four whole weeks!

“No-nonsense approach and transparent communication”

Their no-nonsense approach and transparent communication has been a highlight of our year long partnership. The team can go live fast, has a lot of flexibility to work on customisations, and has provided robust tools to aid our programmatic revenue growth.

Nathan Chase, Co-founder, Flickchart

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