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Integrate the most comprehensive revenue analytics dashboard with your current ad tech stack to benefit from real-time revenue intelligence.

Consistently optimize with accurate and transparent performance insights at your fingertips.

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- An Ad-tech consultant with 15 years of experience in publisher yield optimization

Track all possible performance insights

Auction Insights

From auction health to individual bidder performance like revenue, CPM, win rate, match rate, time-out rate, and more.

Inventory Performance

Performance insights for every ad unit, ad size, and inventory type (refresh, 
first ad load) across browsers, devices, countries, and more.

Page Level Performance

Revenue attribution, including session RPM and page-view RPM for every 
page URL, layout, referrer, UTM, and other parameters.

ID Vendor Performance

Comprehensive partner-specific performance data, further broken down by various dimensions

Effortlessly Optimize Your Bottom Line

Enjoy unlimited cross-dimensional analysis

Access the performance data of a specific bidder on a specific page for a specific ad unit based on device, browser, and geography.

Set real-time alerts for optimizations

Track real-time performance shifts that help you proactively troubleshoot and seize opportunities to skyrocket your revenue. Leverage this along with real-time alerts to support you in achieving your targets and beyond.

Accurately predict your revenue from ads

Rely on an advanced revenue forecasting dashboard that uses machine 
learning to estimate your revenue with over 95% accuracy

Custom A/B/n testing and tracking made accessible

Run custom experiments and track revenue attribution for each one to 
evaluate their impact. Access granular insights about the performance of 
your tests.

What real-time revenue intelligence looks like in action

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