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Earn at least 20% higher revenue with dynamic flooring

You will benefit from machine learning models getting trained on site-specific data to accurately generate the right floor price at the right time for every auction.

So, if you want to signal the most accurate floor value to all the ad exchanges via Prebid, there does not exist a more efficient and transparent Prebid flooring module.

‘Fast, lightweight, and transparent...’

“Their technology is fast, lightweight, and transparent and has helped us monetize our ad inventory better. They have improved our revenues by over 30% via their yield optimization.”

Jayanta Sahu, AVP, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

The incredible results that publishers experience


Increase in Prebid Revenue


Increase in Prebid RPM


Increase in Prebid CPM


Increase in Prebid Win Rate

Create an infinite loop of higher efficiency and revenue

Historical ad
performance data
Adjusting floor prices
to maximize revenue
feedback loop
ML predicting floors with extreme granularity
Measure impact
of floors

Mile’s AI-powered dynamic floors bring about a 110% increase in Prebid revenue contribution

A leading publisher with a monthly impression volume of 200 million was navigating through the challenge of relying predominantly on Google Ad Manager (GAM) for its revenue.

With dynamic floor pricing, the Prebid revenue contribution increased from a mere 10% to 21% in just six weeks.

The many many benefits of Mile’s dynamic flooring module

At least 4X ROI with this cost-efficient solution

A significant increase in Prebid revenue contribution

Protect your inventory value

Move away from static and inefficient flooring setups

Behind the scenes of AI-powered dynamic flooring

Data Collection

With seamless integration, the analytics adapter gathers data, including but not limited to ad unit, device, browser, and viewability.

Model Training

Real-time machine learning models analyze inventory performance and bidding patterns for accurate prediction of floor prices.

Floor Price Activation

Predicted floor prices are applied to and revised at 4-minute intervals for every auction across devices, browsers, geographies, ad units, and more.

Feedback Loop

Constant monitoring of the floor price impact ensures real-time adjustments, striking a balance between revenue uplift and bidding activity.

Continuous Training

Ongoing training and refinement of the model based on the most
recent performance data and bidding patterns within the ecosystem.

Exceptional tech for exception results

Exceptional tech for exceptional results

It only takes 24 hours to onboard and experience the greatness

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