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You get better in every programmatic aspect while spending less time on it

High quality ads that don’t compromise on UX

Your website gets access to high quality ads that align with your brand safety. Ads that are multi-format to ensure great performance without messing up the UX or page speed. So, you meet two goals - higher revenue and happier visitors.


Premium and exclusive demand from around the world

Leverage global demand relationships and strategic partnerships without spending any time to acquire it. This includes access to top ad exchanges, DSPs, PMPs, custom format ad networks. And exclusive advertiser demand.


Truly AI backed tech and transparent reporting

Empower your ad stack with tools that are meant to earn higher. Header bidding, ad refresh, dynamic floor pricing, S2S bidding, ad block recovery, A/B testing, malware protection, identity module - an advanced managed ecosystem for your ads.


Real-time ad ops and dedicated white glove support

Get dedicated ad ops experts and yield managers to provide you with real time support, quarterly QBRs, and growth insights. Top it up with a technical team that works on your custom requirements and white glove support that is committed to your compliance.

Ad Ops

Flat fee model committed to your return on investment

Make a smart choice by hand-picking higher return on investment and not just higher revenue. Work with a team that is dedicated to maximizing your ad revenue at a flat fee model.


A partner that cares for you like never before

Invest in an effortless ad management platform. Equipped to take care of all your growing needs. With tech that never disappoints. At returns that are unmatched.


Automatad earned 70% higher ad revenue. Also, a 77% higher return on ads. 

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Trust a Google Certified Publishing Partner. We’ve got you covered.

Work with an expert that Google recommends to publishers for maximizing their revenue potential and making more informed decisions to strengthen their bottom line.

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