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Google Certified Publishing Partner
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Everything About Google Certified Publishing Partner

Abhilasha Sandilya
February 29, 2024
May 21, 2024

“Where’s Waldo?”

Finding the best partner for your business is always as complicated as finding the Waldo. Especially when you are looking for the best ad monetization partner. Why, you ask? Well, among the crowd, there are thousands appearing the same as Waldo.

They have the same features, provide almost the same solutions, and all promise the same revenue uplift. Then how to find the best one?

Where's Waldo?

Well, you might need Google’s lens to find your star in the night sky. And we call it “Google Certified Publishing Partner”. 

What Is A Google Certified Publishing Partner?

Google Certified Publishing Partners (GCPP) are the trusted publishing partners handpicked by Google for the publishers. It is a badge of assurance worn by ad tech partners who have demonstrated expertise in maximizing publishers' business throughout a fixed course of time.


These vetted experts utilize the latest Google products to deliver innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. They possess in-depth knowledge and proven track records in maximizing ad revenue and optimizing publisher experiences.

Fun fact: The GCPP program evolved from the now-retired Google AdSense Certified Partner (GASCP) program. While GASCP was solely about AdSense, GCPP broadened the horizon, focusing on both AdSense and Google Ad Manager.

Should You Really Be Looking for The Badge?

Honestly, the choice is yours. Any partner that adorns the accolade must meet certain criteria, undergo rigorous training, and prove their worth. It is awarded to only those who have a proven record of helping publishers succeed. 

Badge of assurance

Why You Must Partner With A GCPP?

Valid question. But I have a questionnaire list as an answer. 

  • Do you know which Google product is most efficient for your business? Do you have access to Google AdX?
  • Do you have the optimal ad format mix to attract the viewers and the advertisers?
  • Can you identify and fix the gap in your current ad tech stack setup that might be hurting your revenue? 
  • Are you looking for constant support and quick responses from Google’s platforms?

If you are not confident answering any of these questions, my friend, you must start looking for a GCPP. 

What Makes the GCPP So Unique?

Their expertise and performance. If your partner is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, then it must have:

  • Completed initial 6-month onboarding trial.
  • Been managed by a Channel Partner Manager for 1 year.
  • Been an expert in Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, Google AdExchange.
  • Proved their efficiency by increasing publishers’ revenue and boosting their growth.
  • Met minimum Channel Partner performance requirements.
  • Met all regional requirements.
  • Passed final certification assessment.

Also, all partners are required to maintain their certifications by passing product exams every year.

Benefits of Partnering with a GCPP

A GCPP offers you a comprehensive suite of services, including managing your ad inventory, bidding, and buying to unlock your full earning potential. They provide access to exclusive tools and early access to Google's latest ad products, keeping you ahead of the curve. 

Direct access to Google’s treasure trove: Choosing a GCPP grants you an effortless, direct connection to Google. This eliminates the need for tedious forum searches or long waits for support. You receive instant, effective solutions and valuable insights.

You'll also get early access to Google's latest products, services, and beta programs, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

Expertise in ad operations: GCPPs are proven trained experts in ad operations and optimization strategies. This means they're equipped with the knowledge to maximize your ad performance. 

Revenue optimization: It's not just about displaying ads; it's about displaying the right ones. GCPPs use refined strategies to align ads with your audience, fostering better engagement and higher revenue.

Customized ad strategies: GCPPs are known to provide customized solutions as unique as the publisher’s business. They work closely with you to develop strategies tailored to your specific goals and audience demographics.

The GCPP badge is a testament to a company's expertise and quality, having been vetted and approved by Google itself. When you see it, you know you're in capable hands.

How to Find A GCPP

Visit your partner’s website and look for the badge:

GCPP badge

Alternatively, you can ask your partner directly or visit Google’s GCPP page

GCPP and Beyond 

Undoubtedly, GCPPs are like digital alchemists, transforming Google's powerful tools into innovative solutions that boost your revenue and audience engagement. Again, these partners have their own strengths and expertise to rig your game. And you will need to find the best based on your requirements. 

However, Mile stands apart from the lot by doing more than just being a GCPP. We take you beyond AdSense and Ad Manager with a diverse range of demand partners, innovative technologies, expert support, and top-notch transparency. ​​

Also, our unique solution module makes your comfort and growth our first priority. Whether you want us to manage your ad monetization end to end or help you take the big leap by running everything in-house, you have our unweathered support. 

Book a demo with us today and explore how we are your Waldo. Connect now.

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