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May 13, 2024
May 24, 2024

What is next? An imperative question that no one can avoid. This question bugs you every day and every minute to improve yourself to reach somewhere.

No one is an exception to this way of life. So, as a publisher, what is your next?

You have grown your website users with quality content, invested in ad monetization strategies, and now have outgrown AdSense. So, what is your next? If it is connecting with more demand, higher CPMs, and maximizing yield, then it’s time to shift gears and join an Ad Exchange.

And the first choice, rather the most popular choice, is Google Ad Exchange (AdX). It is an industry leader that offers more value for your inventory than what you have been earning via AdSense.

But how do you get access to one? What are the requirements? Is it really necessary to even have access to Google AdX? Let’s find out.

What Is Google Ad Exchange?

Just like any other ad exchange (Pubmatic, Xandr, Magnite, or OpenX), Google AdX is an open auction marketplace where premium buyers and sellers connect, buy, and sell their ad inventory through real-time bidding. 

Previously known as DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Google AdX is the oldest exchange in the market, with millions of buyers and sellers finding their value. The active network of these buyers and sellers makes it the most important asset of any ad monetization strategies, along with the interesting and innovative tech it offers.

However, Google AdX is not the only way to sell your ad inventory. It should be a piece in your overall revenue strategy to connect with more demands, auction types, features, etc. If you’re doubtful of why, let’s explore it in detail:

Why Should You Have a Google AdX Account?

Despite the unlimited choices in ad exchanges, Google Adx is indeed for your revenue optimization. Why? Because it adds value such as automation, demand, unique features, ad optimization, and more, enough for you to increase your ad yield. 

  • Access to an AdX account will connect you with an unmatched demand and get the best value for your impressions.
  • It provides a centralized platform for managing auctions by allowing you to set pricing rules, manage inventory, refresh ads, recover revenue from ad blocks, facilitate direct deals, and track performance all in one place, enabling you to say farewell to manual optimization and management.
  • With AdX, you get support for various ad formats and targeting capabilities to show relevant, personalized, and engaging ads – improving user engagement and leaving a lasting impact on your visitors.
  • The platform also provides real-time reporting and analytics that aid publishers like you in tracking performances and making data-driven decisions on the go.
  • You will have more control over where your ads are placed and who placed the ads there. Therefore, transparency is at its highest in Google AdX.

What It Takes to Qualify and Connect with Google AdX?

First of all, you should have a GAM (Google Ad Manager) account. AdX is a part of the offering that comes with Google’s ad server and ad manager. There are two ways you can have access to a Google AdX account: you should either be the lucky one who gets invited by Google or join hands with a Google AdX partner like Mile.

So, what does it take to get Google AdX yourself?

Till now, Google has never shared a minimum qualification to have a Google AdX. If you have a GAM account, you will be assigned an account manager. You can consult them to see if you are qualified or not. Or, when the time comes, the account manager will push you to Google AdX.

Moving on, according to the information floating on the internet, you should have a minimum of 10 million ad impressions per month for at least 6 months and 5 million page views per month to be eligible for getting Google AdX. However, these are not the only requirements for cracking the Google AdX code. You also have to have:

  • An updated ads.txt file with a detailed buyers list
  • No history of policy violations
  • Unsafe content or invalid traffic and more

Google’s intentions are simple here: they reserved the benefits of GAM and AdX to large publishers, gatekeeping high CPMs and unlimited demand exclusively for people who are delivering content that resonates with millions of people in the most engaging way.

But in reality, it can be frustrating to reach there. The best solution, in this case, is to connect with a Google AdX provider.

To get easy and hassle-free access, you can connect with a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) like Mile.

You need tens of millions of page views and expertise in Google Ad Manager to get access to Google AdX. Not anymore. Our adops teams have first-hand experience in Google Ad Manager, and we can enable you to sell your ad impressions via Google Ad Exchange.

What should you look for in Google AdX Partner?

If you think you have decided to connect with a Google AdX partner or reseller, the next question is, who should I work with? Let us help you make the right decisions by helping you ask yourself the right questions:

Ques 1: Are they a Google Certified Publishing Partner?

Choosing a partner who is certified by Google is the best way to drive results, as they have gone through a rigorous vetting process to become one. They are an expert in managing Google’s sell-side products and have proved their efficiency by improving the publisher’s revenue by providing optimized services, tools, and technology.

They would have also met the minimum requirements that Google had set. Also, just because they have achieved a partnership, they can’t sit back and relax. A GCPP has to go through the same process every year, as its product and revenue optimization solutions will be validated by Google every year to maintain the certification.

Mile is a Google Certified Publishing Partner with 10+ years of proven track record in maximizing publisher revenue with effective revenue optimization services and experienced ad ops teams.

Ques 2: Can they facilitate easy integrations and provide white glove support?

A reliable Google AdX partner should make the integration and implementation of Google AdX easy with their expert engineering and ad ops team. So, select one who can make it easy, like a breeze without any complication in the midst, and even handle unforeseen issues. 

With Mile, you get a dedicated account manager who will take care of the nitty-gritty while keeping you informed. So, there is no time wasted; only revenue uplift is ahead in your pathway by connecting with broader demands. Your account manager will keep you updated with the help of an intuitive dashboard and work with your team to solve the queries 24/7. You’ll also get support for maintenance and updates. You just need to take a back seat and see your revenue soar like a kite in the sky. Want to know more?

Ques 3: Do they optimize Google AdX demands?

Only connecting and integrating a Google AdX with your site doesn’t rain money. It would help if you had a partner who gives a hand in optimization by utilizing the features offered in Google Adx. 

Mile is a premium partner with your yield optimization as its North Star. Getting the demand wouldn’t provide a consistent lift in CPMs over time. We utilize optimization tools, pricing rules, dynamic timeout, and many more custom-built solutions and strategies to ensure your revenue grows every day.

How do I work with a Google AdX partner?

Google AdX partners put forward the minimum requirements or qualifications that the publishers need to match to work with them. These requirements include minimum page views, monthly revenue, traffic from tier-1 and tier-2 countries, quality content, etc. 

So, select the one that meets all your needs and see if you are eligible to collaborate with them.  It is ideal to choose a partner who is selective in filtering publishers because they focus on one group at a time to improve their ad revenue program. 

To work with Mile, you should have a minimum of 1,000,000 monthly page views. If you match our eligibility criteria, then waste no time reaching out to us, and we’ll take it from there.

Move Beyond Google AdX

Google AdX’s steep requirements are no longer a hurdle for you to access its privileges. We at Mile will serve as a gateway to access Google AdX’s demand and the supremacies it offers. 

Moreover, if you want support beyond AdX capabilities with high-edge tech stacks, expert support, and AI-powered tools to amplify your ad yield, consider trying Mile’s Ad Management Solutions. 

Mile is a leading adtech solution provider, increasing publishers’ revenue by up to 50% with their effective suite of ad management solutions. 

With our ad management solutions:

  • You get access to a suite of products, including header bidding wrapper, Server-side bidding, Dynamic flooring, Smart Ad Refresh, ad block recovery solution, Prebid adapters, AMP monetization, etc.
  • Revenue uplift is assured with our yield optimization strategies and automated tools.  
  • Your inventories open up to 30+ demand partners, with Google AdX as a part of the pack, ensuring you get better CPMs and revenue boost. 
  • With premium demands come quality ads. Also, our solutions and optimization strategies make sure that your UX and revenue grow at the same pace. 
  • We come with white-glove support for maintenance, updates, and optimization with quality audits and insights from our team of ad ops experts, data engineers, and industry specialists. 
  • The best ROI is assured when connecting with Mile. We customize and update our support according to trends to meet your growing needs for users and revenue optimization.
  • Technology rules the market, and be it our solutions or optimization strategies, AI and ML are at the core of everything. 

Seems interesting! Want to know more? Then, get our demo now to find out how we are a suitable choice for you.

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