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Google Ad Manager 360: Streamlining Ad Management for Publishers

Abhilasha Sandilya
March 14, 2024
April 25, 2024

If you are good at something, never do it for free. 

The majority of publishers use Google Ad Manager (GAM) to consolidate their ad serving, optimize operations, and maximize revenue opportunities. It brings revenue through optimization and saves you time by simplifying the process. But (pun intended), it’s free. 

So, we have Google Ad Manager 360. It is a premium version of GAM with premium services, premium fulfillments, premium requirements, and premium charges.

Let’s find out what makes GAM 360 so premium. But before that, let’s have a quick glance at GAM. 

What is GAM?

Google Ad Manager is a comprehensive ad-serving and management platform for publishers to manage and optimize their ad inventory across multiple demand sources. It was previously known as DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) before rebranding in 2018

The platform allows publishers to manage their ad inventory, create and deliver ad campaigns, and generate revenue through various ad formats and channels. It provides a centralized platform for publishers to manage their ad campaigns, including ad serving, targeting, optimization, and reporting.

What is Google Ad Manager 360?

Google Ad Manager (GAM) 360 is a paid version of Google Ad Manager, an ad management platform publishers use to manage their ad inventory and maximize revenue.

The purpose is to offer you a wider range of tools and features that are more inclusive, aiding them in managing your ad inventory with better efficiency. It brings additional capabilities beyond the basic version, including Open Bidding and Audience Management tools. 

GAM 360 is a centralized platform that allows you to manage your ads across multiple channels and formats, including desktop, mobile, video, and connected TV.

Point to remember: The pricing for GAM 360 is not fixed and requires negotiation with a Google Sales Representative for access. The total cost can vary based on the level of support chosen by the publisher, any extra functionalities opted for, and the volume of monthly ad impressions.


The minimum monthly ad impressions requirement for having GAM 360 varies based on the audience's location:

  • For the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, publishers need 90 million monthly impressions from non-video ad units.
  • For countries in Europe and Asia supported by Google, the requirement is 200 million monthly impressions from non-video ad units.
  • Across all Google-supported countries, there's a need for 150 million monthly impressions from non-video ad units plus 800 thousand monthly impressions from video ad units.

Key Features and Benefits for Publishers

When monetizing your website, it's about more than just ad clicks.

CPM is important, but ensuring that ads are showing in the right place, maximizing fill rates, and tying everything together through a single channel is key to long-term success.

That is where Google Ad Manager 360 comes in.

It offers a range of key features and benefits for publishers looking to streamline their ad management and monetization strategy to get the most out of every page view. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Ad inventory management:

With GAM 360, you can conveniently manage your ad campaigns across various channels and formats from one centralized platform. This includes desktop, mobile, video, and connected TV. The integrated approach streamlines ad inventory management, allowing you to deliver the ads to the right audience easily.

2. Targeting and optimization: 

The tool provides publishers with advanced targeting and optimization capabilities to deliver ads to specific audiences based on various factors, such as location, interests, and behavior. Thus helping you maximize the revenue potential and improve the ad performance.

With GAM 360, publishers can leverage creative-level targeting to serve relevant ads to their website visitors.

3. Programmatic advertising: 

It offers programmatic advertising capabilities, allowing publishers to sell their ad inventory through real-time bidding and private marketplaces. You can increase efficiency and revenue potential while providing advertisers access to high-quality ad inventory.

You can connect with multiple demand partners to run Google’s server-side header bidding (Open Bidding) and intensify the competition for your ad impressions.

4. Reporting and analytics:

Ad Manager 360's advanced reporting and analytics features provide publishers with valuable insights into their ad performance. With real-time data and insights, you can monitor the campaigns and make data-driven decisions without waiting for days or weeks to optimize your ad strategy.

For example, if an ad is not performing well, you can use Ad Manager 360's data to determine why and adjust its targeting or creative accordingly. 

You can access advanced reports such as Future Sell-through and Data Protection Report to predict the availability of ad impressions in the future and understand cookie synchronization associated with each creative served to a user.

5. Audience segmentation & solutions

The ad platform enables publishers to leverage their first-party audience data and sell better-targeted inventory to advertisers. Using its Audience Segmentation and Audience Solutions, you can identify which segments perform best and which segments may need more attention. 

By using data and insights, you can make informed decisions about where to allocate the resources and which audiences to prioritize.

Although the top five features of Google Ad Manager 360 have been highlighted, the platform offers many other advanced capabilities that can cater to the unique needs of enterprise publishers.

Considering it as your ad server of choice?

It may be worthwhile.

Are You Premium Enough for Google Ad Manager 360?

Google Ad Manager 360 is designed for large publishers or media companies with significant online content and high ad impressions. To be eligible for GAM 360, you must meet certain requirements, which can be found on Google's website. We also mentioned them above. 

If you meet the eligibility requirements, the next step is to contact Google Sales. You can fill out a form on Google's website to request more information or find a sales representative in your region to discuss your needs.

Point to ponder: A publisher can also access Google Ad Manager 360 by partnering with a Google Ad Manager 360 reseller.

Once your account is set up, you must know its features. Google offers a range of resources, including documentation, training courses, and support, to help you get up to speed. 

Mile can do the same for you, apart from enabling GAM 360. Under our in-house solution, we will help you with your monetization setup and the training required.

Why to Switch from Google Ad Manager to Google Ad Manager 360

The free version is designed for small to medium publishers who may not require the full suite of features available in GAM 360. Here’s a quick comparison of both versions.

Basics & Ad Trafficking

Features Google Ad Manager Google Ad Manager 360
Monthly Impressions Limit None More than 90 million
Ad Serving Fee Free Depends on the monthly Ad Impressions Served
Activity Tracker 𐄂
Ad Delivery Extension 𐄂
Creator Wrapper 𐄂
Special Ad Units 𐄂
Campaigns Based on CPA Pricing Model 𐄂
Impact of Creative Restrictions 𐄂
Suggested Ad Units 𐄂
Secondary Currency Settings 𐄂
Mobile Fallback Ads 𐄂
Trafficking Time Zone 𐄂
Team Access 𐄂
CDN Configurations 𐄂

Programmatic Advertising

Features Google Ad Manager Google Ad Manager 360
Header Bidding in Yield Groups 𐄂
Open Bidding 𐄂 (Depends on approval)
Dynamic Ad Insertion 𐄂
Multiple Customer Management 𐄂
Link AdSense, AdX & DV 360 𐄂

User Data & Targeting

Features Google Ad Manager Google Ad Manager 360
Audience Segmentation 𐄂
Publisher Provided Identifiers 𐄂
Segments From DMPs 𐄂
Custom Targeting Using First-party & Third-party Audience Segments 𐄂
Uploading Identifiers 𐄂
Pre-populate Audience Segments 𐄂
Advanced Expression Targeting Using Key-values 𐄂
Traffic Explorer 𐄂
Advanced Targeting Based on Content Bundles 𐄂

Video Advertising

Features Google Ad Manager Google Ad Manager 360
Basic Video Ad Serving
Video Ad Rules 𐄂
Video Content Macros 𐄂
Advanced Video Targeting 𐄂
Partner Management 𐄂
Audience Measurement 𐄂
VAST 2, 3,4 Support
Cross-sell With YouTube 𐄂
Other Interactive Ad Formats 𐄂

Reporting & Tracking

Features Google Ad Manager Google Ad Manager 360
Activities & Conversion Tracker 𐄂
Premium Ad Inventory Optimization 𐄂
Custom Key-value Dimensions 5,000 20,000
Data Transfer Reports 𐄂
Integration With Google Looker Studio 𐄂
Future Sell-through Reports 𐄂
Track Assignments and Targeting 𐄂
Integration With Google Analytics 𐄂

Path to Stay Ahead

Go for GAM 360, considering your specific needs and budget.

Google Ad Manager is a free platform that allows publishers to manage their ads and generate revenue through programmatic advertising. It comes with features like ad serving, targeting, and reporting.

However, if you need more advanced features like forecasting, special ad formats, customizable targeting & reporting, and elevated customer support, you may consider Ad Manager 360. It also integrates with other Google products like Google Analytics 360. 


Here’s a recap for our “too long, didn’t read” segment -

  • Google Ad Manager 360 is a premium version of the Google Ad Manager platform designed to assist publishers in managing their ad inventory and driving maximum revenue. 
  • The ad server provides a range of features such as ad inventory management, programmatic advertising, optimization, reporting and analytics, and audience segmentation and solutions. 
  • To access Ad Manager 360, publishers must meet eligibility requirements (more than 90 million monthly ad impressions) or partner with a Google Ad Manager 360 reseller. 

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