Web without Walls

A podcast exploring what goes on in the minds of those who have created an extraordinary mark on the world wide web, while also keeping it open and free. Think it’s you?

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“It’s advised to have 48-72 hours handy to listen to the podcast.”

While an episode will only last less than an hour, you might end up spending some extra time thinking about the conversation and making brilliant strategies inspired by some brilliant digital entrepreneurs and seasoned industry experts.

Each story as insanely inspiring as the open web

Through their stories, these thought leaders bring in their expertise from different niches, but they do have one thing in common - chasing and scoring success. Be it in their very first try or the final chance they thought of risking.

Decoding the Open Web

To purposefully support those building a web without walls

Driving the conversations

Sarah Ruxin

SVP Revenue, Mile

With over 15 years in ad tech, Sarah has vast experience in a host of leadership roles helping enterprise publishers adapt to evolving monetization strategies.

Being a recognized industry voice, she distills years of knowledge into simple actionables that help drive change on the open web.

Rohan Sharma

Head of Marketing, Mile

With nearly a decade under his belt in the ad tech space, Rohan has developed a holistic purview of industry issues.

His entrepreneurial experience has given him the chance to study every step of web monetization. This will enrich conversations, helping listeners navigate industry trends.

Do you have a story to share?

About how that one idea on a crumpled piece of paper thrown into the bin became a rage on the world wide web. About how adapting quickly to new changes became the backbone of your thriving ad revenue. About how your life progressed from a mistake that you made as an intern to you cheering on interns as a thought leader in the ecosystem.

There is someone out there whose life you could change with your story.

Let’s do that?

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